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Glenn Buurma

Glenn Buurma


Penta Equipment is an agricultural company with two production facilities throughout southwestern Ontario. We specialize in the production of: TMR mixers, spreaders, and dump boxes. Penta entered the farm industry in the 1970's and has continually proven to be a leader in the development and production of innovative and robust agricultural equipment. It has since experienced tremendous growth, boasting sales expansions throughout Canada, the United States, Australia, and Japan. Agriculture is in the blood of the owners of Penta and, in fact, many of the staff continue to participate in farming today. The core values of the family farm are important to Penta's people, and are kept close to the heart of every decision we make. We are looking forward to the exciting challenges and opportunities that our future holds.

Trevor Newman

Trevor Newman

Director of Sales

What We Do

Penta comes from a long history of farming and farm equipment, early on at a local level, and more recently spreading across North America and internationally.

As a company, Penta entered the farm industry in the 1970's through sales and service of dairy equipment, particularly feeding and milking equipment.

In the early 1990's, Penta added TMR mixer lines to their sales lineup, selling and servicing mixers in the local market. Throughout that time, personnel at Penta were responsible for rebuilding all makes and models of mixers, and the understanding of the workings of a TMR mixer grew substantially.

In 2000, the production of the first Penta mixer began, with the first models available in early 2001. Over the course of the next decade, the Penta mixer line experienced many changes and improvements, including two unique auger systems and an increase in the sizes and models available. During this time the company expanded its reach into international markets, and moved its TMR production facilities to their current location in Petrolia, Ontario.

Following the phenomenal success of the Penta TMR lineup, Penta expanded into tillage products, beginning with cultivators. The first Penta cultivator was sold in 2009, followed a few years later with a unique harrow finisher. In July 2012, Penta Tillage production moved into a separate factory from Penta TMR, providing the facilities needed for continual growth, both in production and in the diversity of the equipment we offer.

In September 2012 Penta introduced forage dump trailers to our product line, as part of our ongoing effort to provide farmers with strong and efficient equipment to improve their farms and their business. Further developments in 2013 included the move of truck mount mixer production into a new shop, and the opening of an independent facility for research and development - allowing for on-going development and improvement of products.

As individuals, the ownership and many of the staff at Penta come from a background of farming, and many continue to participate in farming today. The values of the family farm are important to Penta as a company, and are kept close to the heart of every decision we make and challenge we face going forward into the future.

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