2277H Specifications

Recommended HP - 80


Heaped Volume 524 cu ft / 14.8 m3
Struck Level (ASAE S324.1) 270 cu ft / 7.6 m3
Heaped Bushels (ASAE S237.1) 421 
Carrying Capacity 24,000 lbs / 10,850 kgs


Inside Width 71.5 in / 181.6 cm
Inside Depth 34 in / 86.4 cm
Inside Length (ASAE S324.1) 16 ft / 4.9 m
Overall Length 27.4 ft / 8.4 m
Overall Width (with Tires)  
425 x 22.5 Truck Type Tires 124 in / 315.0 cm
44/18.00 x 20 Traction Implement 128 in / 325.1 cm
550/60 x 22.5 Traction Implement 136 in / 345.4 cm


Beater Configuration Stepped
Lower Beater (Diameter / Speed) 25.6 / 385
Upper Beater (Diameter / Speed) 18 / 360


Axle Type Oscillating Tandem
Hub Type 8 Bolt
Hub Capacity 12,000 lbs / 5,443 kgs
Wheel Spindle Diameter 3 in / 7.6 cm
Tandem Spindle Diameter 4 in / 10.2 cm
Drop Axles (Optional) 6 in / 15.2 cm Drop


End Gate Standard
Wood Rails Standard
Beater Pan Standard


Hydraulics / PTO
Available Flow Control Sequencing Type
Available Flow Control Non-Sequencing
Available PTO 1000 RPM / 1 3/8-21
Available PTO 1000 RPM / 1 3/4-20


Flow Control

Hagedorn manure spreaders feature an innovative Hydra-Spread flow control valve designed for precise unloading and application. Engineered and manufactured exclusively for Hagedorn spreaders, this valve is ideal for all types of hydraulic systems and includes an internal bypass for quick return regardless of unloading speed. The Hydra-Spread flow control valve also provides a reliable processing rate that stays consistent from load to load, resulting in distribution amounts and quality you can trust.

All vertical Hagedorn spreaders come equipped with a standard sequencing valve which is integrated into the flow control valve and prevents the pushgate from engaging before the endgate is raised, thereby preventing accidental damage due to a collision.

Manufactured in North America, the sequencing valve is available as an option on horizontal beater models and is compatible with all modern hydraulic systems


Similar to our flow controls, the push-off cylinders in our spreaders are designed by our engineers and manufactured in North America.

Setting an industry precedent in 1990, our hollow-rod design allows oil flow for extend and retract cycles to be channeled through the rod, eliminating the tangle of hoses that would otherwise occur when the cylinder strokes. The cylinders employ a rugged, ball-type sealing system that easily handles the flexing that comes with stroke lengths of up to 17 feet. Our pistons and glands are made from high-grade ductile iron for maximum wear and durability.

The horizontal beater models and V series contain industry standard tie-rod cylinders on the endgate while our V8610 model features welded endgate cylinders.

Poly Boards

Hagedorn’s poly boards meet all the requirements for a material that is strong, flexible, resistant to environmental degradation and very slippery. Our full-length boards and flush-head fasteners make a smooth, obstruction-free surface for easy unloading. Individual tongue & groove boards make an almost watertight box and, in the event of damage, are easy and inexpensive to replace.

Being plastic (high-density polyethylene), the boards expand and contract with temperature changes. Our frame design and bolting procedure allow the boards to expand and contract freely without undue stress to either boards or frame.

Soil Compaction & Tire Selection

Healthy soil generally consists of 50% soil particles (sand, silt and clay) as well as a 50% mixture of air and water. Compaction, because of natural and cultural practices, limits the soil’s ability to transport and store air and water, resulting in stunted seedlings, poor plant growth and reduced yields.

Soil compaction caused by vehicles can be divided into two categories – shallow and deep. Shallow compaction falls within the normal tillage zone (5” to 10”) and relates to pressure applied to the surface of the soil. Higher ground pressures increase shallow compaction. All models of Hagedorn spreaders minimize shallow compaction by using low-pressure flotation type tires with a large footprint to cover a bigger surface area.

Occurring below the normal tillage zone, deep compaction is usually related to total axle load. It is not mitigated by tire size or inflation pressure unless ground pressure (tire inflation pressure) is reduced to 12 psi or lower. Deep compaction can be minimized by sharing the total load across more than one axle.

Frame Construction

Integral to the overall performance of our manure spreaders, the Hagedorn frames combine structural channels and tubes as well as formed sections to achieve peak operating strength while maintaining the flexibility required in a large mobile platform. Because manure unloads and spreads more evenly when the load is packed, Hagedorn platforms use large-profile formed sections, closely spaced, to carry heavy loads and withstand the forces of packing.

Hagedorn delivers a spreader strong enough to use as a push-off trailer without worrying about sidewall strength and the frame is designed specifically to support the sides of the spreader without bulky horizontal members or relying on the beaters to tie things together. Weight distribution across our frames sets the benchmark for the industry.

We also offer a variety of hitch configurations and axle designs. Our axle frames are bolted, not welded, to the main frame and, in the event of damage, can be easily removed for repair


Our drivetrain is easy to maintain and service. Every shaft connection on a Hagedorn Spreader features splines. Unlike keyed drives that focus the load on a single stress point, the splines in our spreaders transmit power efficiently by spreading loads to the entire shaft and can be quickly assembled and disassembled.


The life of a bearing can usually be determined by the quality of its seals. Hagedorn spreaders boast custom-designed pillow block bearings with triple-lip seals, another industry first, that have proven successful in tillage and planting equipment. All Hagedorn bearings are lubricated for their lifetime and contain an extended inner race with double set screws, eliminating maintenance and assuring longevity

Bearing Housings

Our virtually indestructible ductile iron pillow blocks are standard for Hagedorn, built to withstand heavy loads that would shatter ordinary grey-iron housings. We engineered split housings for the input shaft to allow the shaft to be removed from the machine quickly and easily without removing the bearings from the shaft, continuing our commitment to manufacturing simple, easy-to-service spreaders.