4430 Specifications

Specifications Imperial Metric
Capacity 9" Rubber 440 cu ft 12 m3
Total Width 78 in 198 cm
Total Length 270 in 685 cm
Total Height 92 in 234 cm
Loading Height 85 in 215 cm
Chute Height 17.25 in 44 cm


Model Descriptions
Auger Thickness (Optional 3/4") 1/2"
Floor Thickness 3/4"
2-Speed Gearbox Standard
Max lbs of Feed in Mixer 7,920 lbs
Magnets Optional
Hydraulic Power Pack Yes


Drive Systems and Electrical Requirements
Drive Style Electrical Service Required
Belts, 2x15hp 240V single phase, 150A
Direct, 30hp 240V single phase, 150A
480V three phase, 40A
600V three phase, 30A


Electronic Controls

The mixers are able to run at a reduced constant RPM using electronic controls.

  • Variable Speed Drive
  • Speed up
  • Reverse
  • Slow down
  • Remote Door Controls


To transfer electronic power to the mixer there are a variety of ways to use a single motor or motors together.

Drives offered:

  • Belt Drives
  • Direct Drives
  • PTO Drive
  • 2 Speed Gear Box


There are two door options available for the stationary mixer. Each stationary mixer can be customized and multiple door options are available on a single unit.

Placement options:

  • End Doors
  • Corner Doors


Conveyors for the stationary mixer come in 3 size options and are built for long life and dependability using the heaviest cast chain in the industry.

  • Available sizes: Bases 4'-4.5'-5'-6', Wing 9'-10'
  • Option to upgrade to stainless rails available
  • Powered by Electronic 3 HP Motor